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Reunion Commentary
Let everyone know about your views on the Reunion. Be sure to mention and highlight unusual things or giveinformation that we all would enjoy
Last Post: Nov 11th 2009
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We are hoping that classmates will leave any last minute comments, questions or observations
Last Post: Oct 15th 2009
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Funny Stories
Please share with everyone (even if they are off color)
Last Post: Sep 19th 2009
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Help us find lost alumni
If you have a beed on people who we may not have contacted, please tell us
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We would love tohear comments from spouses and/or partners
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Favorite Red Sox Memories
Our Junior year marked the rebirth of the Red Sox as a good team. YET it took another 37 years to reach the Promised Land (they just beat Moses record!)For our parents, it was a lifetime or more. Despite the heartache, they were special to us and united p
Last Post: Sep 27th 2009
# of Topics: 2
Interesting Life Experiences
Please tell us about any interesting experiences since leaving BHS
Last Post: Oct 3rd 2009
# of Topics: 4